The More About Me Post

If you read the about me section of my website you already know that I am a Georgia Southern University graduate. I graduated in 2018 with a Fashion Degree and a Marketing Minor. I wanted to give you all a little more insight into who I am and what drives me to run this store!

Looking back on my childhood I can remember loving to shop. I loved anything that sparkled, anything unique, basically, if you could find it in Limited Too I probably loved it. In elementary school I shopped there a lot. One day, I went to school in an outfit that I had put together with the help of a sales associate there. She had made me feel great in the outfit, I looked in the mirror and I felt great about how it looked on me. I went to school and was so excited but one girl made fun of my outfit. I felt horrible and I ended up leaving school early that day. After that I wanted little to do with standing out. I wore baggy clothes or uninteresting clothes basically through middle school. 

I switched schools in middle school and things got better. I made new friends and slowly I began to dress better. I went shopping with my friends and was finally able to enjoy it again. Through high school I dressed a lot better thats for sure.

I graduated high school and came to college as a nursing student. I quickly realized that nursing was not my calling and I knew I needed to change my major. But to what? I chose nursing because I thought it sounded like a good idea, it made good money and it was basically a guaranteed stable job after college. Basically, it was a safe choice. 

I changed my major to Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. I knew I wanted to go into a creative field. By changing my major to Fashion I knew I would be able to create things and build a business doing something I loved and I loved shopping. 

Graduation for college was approaching quickly. In order to graduate I was required to complete an internship. So, I started searching for internships in retail and marketing. I found a local store that offered one. The store had also run internships for the school in the past.  They required the person that was doing the internship to be employed with them already. I interviewed with the owner and she hired me with the intent to do the internship that summer. I worked there from November to March. 

March came and the school needed the paper work for the internship. I met with my boss to discuss the internship and sign the paperwork. My boss asks me to explain the internship process to her and I did. After, she looked at me and told me that I wasn't worth her time. I had turned down second round interviews to work for this company. And I now had less than two months to find another internship so that I would be able to graduate. 

I was devastated... I literally felt like I had had the rug pulled out from under me. I finally found another local person willing to help me with my internship. She was a small business owner located in Statesboro. She owned a children's consignment store. I loved the business side of it! I knew I wanted to start my own business and she showed me that it could be done. Her among other people inspired me and told me I could do this. So, I did and here we are. 

In elementary school someone made me feel small and then it happened again in college. But, the day after that boss told me I wasn't worth her time, I got up, put make up on, put on a cute outfit and went out a got a different internship. The truth was she wasn't worth my time. I knew I was better than that place, I never felt that I belonged there but it was safe and I thought it was a guaranteed way to graduation. But I wouldn't have learned what I needed to learn in that internship there. I ended up right where I needed to be.

This is still a learning process for me and the amount of research and hours into the night I have put into this store is enough to make my eyes cross when I think about it but it is the most fun I have had in my whole life, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.