Target Favorites - January 2020

The past 3  months have been absolutely crazy! In November I got married and went on a cruise, in December we packed up our entire lives and moved back to Jefferson County from Statesboro, had Christmas with our families and on January 2nd, 2020 I started a new job as the Marketing Director at our local newspaper. Life is just now starting to settle down, thankfully, and I am getting back on top of the store and blogging and all of that. 

Even though life has been a little crazy, I have, apparently, had enough time to shop extensively at target. I noticed I had accumulated a pretty good amount of things that I love from Target over the last month so I put them here so that you guys could see a few of my favorite things!

Women’s Wenda Cut Out Bootie I have these in two colors, I have the black ones and the cognac color ones. I wear these to work pretty often. I did have to break them in before walking a lot in them because they did rub blisters to begin with. Now they are perfect and go with most of my outfits actually. They are $34.99.

Reversible Tote Handbag I bought this one in the black and it reverses to light brown. I bought this for work and I love it! I carry either a laptop or Ipad with me and a planner almost all the time so it is definitely big enough to carry all that plus my other essentials. It’s only $36.99!

Tanologist Self Tan Mousse Express Tan I bought this for the wedding after I couldn’t find the one I normally used. I love this once because I worked and I did not have a smell! You leave it on for 4 - 6 hours and then wash it off. It doesn’t leave the orange between your fingers either if your like me and don’t use the mitts. The color looks natural and it doesn’t start to streak as it wears off. I also have used different ones in the past where it rubs off on your clothes even after its dry. This one didn’t do this and I wore white the night I put it on. I love it and it’s only $16.99!

Kristin Ess Style Assist Blow Dry Mist My best friend actually showed me this. I have A LOT of hair and blow drying it is a time commitment. This not only cuts the drying time in half but it also makes my hair so soft! It also lasts FOREVER! One bottle of this stuff will last me like 3 months or more! I wash my hair every other though so obviously it would last less time if you wash it everyday but it only takes about 4 to 5 sprays on my hair and that’s plenty. It also helps to detangle it too. It’s only $14.00!

E.L.F Poreless Putty Primer This is the Primer that broke the internet. It was pretty hard to find at first but now it’s calmed down a bit. If you try it, you will see why everyone wanted it immediately. You apply it with your fingers and pat it into the skin so that the makeup sits on top of it. I have very oily skin and it only gets worse in the winter. This stuff makes my make up last way longer throughout the day! I don’t start looking shiney until late at night I have had it on all day. This is unheard of for me. I also wear it even when I don’t wear make up sometime because it keeps my face from looking shiny. The best part is, its $8.00.

Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo This has been a life saver! I run late constantly so I need to make my hair look freshly washed even when its not pretty frequently. I like this kind because it doesn’t turn my roots white like others do. I usually use a cheaper one and it works well but I like how this one smells and feels in my hair better. It also gives it a good texture for restyling. It’s only $13.99.

E.L.F. BB Cream I wear this when I want a casual makeup look. It’s lightweight and corrects uneven skin colors. It’s also moisturizing. I really like it and I use it with E.L.Fs translucent powder to give it a matte finish. It’s also really cost effective! It’s only $6.00.

Leopard Print Sweater I bought this sweater when I first started to get cold in GA or rather, the first cold snap and then it went back to being 70 degrees for a while but either way it’s so comfy! It’s lightweight which is good in GA and it was a great price, only $19.99 but it’s on clearance for $13.99.

Golden Girls Tee I bought this today actually. It’s a comfy tee and I love The Golden Girls. My husband and I watch it at night to go to sleep. It’s a feel good show so it's a nice turn from the true crime docs we normally watch! Haha It was only $14.99.

Create and Cultivate Planner I bought this planner in the small one. I use it to keep track of all of the boutique stuff in one place. I also have a big planner that has everything in it but I like to see and plan out things for the store all in one place. It also have a lot of goal setting and organizational area it it that I really liked. It’s also by Create and Cultivate which is a Women’s Career Conference. It also offers online resources and advertisement for women owned small businesses. I was started by Jaclyn Johnson and she wrote a book called Work Party as well as a podcast that I highly recommend reading and listening to! It was only $12.99.

Here’s the link to Create and Cultivate website and Work Party


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