My New Hobby: Podcasts

Okay so I know this is not really fashion related but just go with it. 

So I recently started binge watching all the new crime shows on Netflix, while home alone, meaning I don't sleep i.e. more binge watching. (By far the most mind blowing was Abducted in Plain Sight, trust me just watch it if you haven't!) Anyway, I don't have a ton of time to binge watch Netflix like I did when I was in school so I needed a way to be entertained on the go. 

So, a friend introduced me to podcasts, yeah that little purple app you never use on your iPhone its great! So I got started at first with just true crime podcasts but I have found a few that I really like now!

1.) True Crime Obsessed

I am so obsessed with them. They literally say out loud what everyone is thinking when watching the true crime documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, etc. I started to listen to them without watching the documentary first which was totally fine because basically, they watch it and then break it down in a play by play of what's going on. Now, I have started to watch the documentaries and then listen to the podcast on the way to work/ while getting dressed or whatever and I love it even more! 

2.) Crime Junkie 

They are awesome! they speak more in crimes that you might not have ever heard of and some that are like national news stories. They do their research too and tell the stories in such a way that you feel like your sitting with your friends talking it over with them! I literally love it!

3.) Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

This is a podcast hosted by an ex- bachelorette. I loved her on her seasons and I love the bachelor/ette and I watch every season (judge me *sips wine*)! Anyway I just started listening to this one and I highly recommend it! She's funny and the podcast is very entertaining! 

Those are the ones I listen to the most but I am subscribed to tons more, here are just a few I have subscribed to and are working on trying out! (Updates to come)

A Date with Dateline, Armchair Expert(Dax Shepard's Podcast), Coffee Convos with Kail Lawry and Lindsie Chrisly, Murderville, Phil in the Blanks (literally love Dr. Phil), The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe to name a few. 

I'll update y'all with the ones I love! In the meantime share some of your favorites with me or let me know if you love the ones I mentioned as much as I do!