My favorite hair care products!

I have always had a time with shampoos and conditioners throughout my teenage years into adulthood. I have literally tried every brand or at least most that Walmart has to offer. I would usually use it for a while and then need to change because my hair just didn't feel like it was getting clean anymore so I would go around and around switching brands every few months. When I graduated high school someone gave me a huge bottle of Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner as a gift. Not that I used this brand I had actually never tried that one. It was one of those like dorm supply baskets that people make (idk if that a thing everywhere but I had laundry detergent for like a year from them). Anyway the Aussie literally made my hair so oily that it would stick to my head (gross). So that was a no go and I continued making my usually rounds to Pantene, Organix, Loreal, ect. And I did this until about 3 months ago. 

A friend was like you have to try this stuff! Its from Target (as if I needed another reason to spend money in that store) and it's called Kristin Ess. The first thing I asked was like okay but how pricey is it? She told me it was only $10 a bottle. 

Okay, so a little pricey for the bottle size and I have so much hair I definitely have to use more than the "dime to quarter sized" amount they recommend but not the worst price. So I went out and bought it as well as the blow dry spray (that promises to cute drying time in half) and the air dry creme. I love it! It smells great and my hair has never felt cleaner! literally ever! It doesn't feel oily and I can go almost more than two days without washing my hair with the help of dry shampoo of course (Kristin Ess has dry shampoo too, I haven't tried it yet because I am still working on my bottle that I already had). I use this Shampoo and Conditioner (they also have a purple shampoo for the blonds):

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT GET THIS OFF AMAZON!!! So I am on a budget so I always look to Amazon for all the deals. I searched this stuff on amazon and first of all the items that came up were $50 for these! So i knew something was up. It is not a bigger bottle or anything. I began to read the reviews on it and I am pretty sure they are knock offs! The reviews talk about it making their hair fall out, it smells chemically, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. I promise this is not how the one you get from Target is! They are only $10 a bottle so your only looking at $20 total def not $50!

Fast forward like two weeks after buying this shampoo and conditioner. My hair still looks great but I am curling my hair getting ready for a date night with the fiancè and my hair would not hold a curl! Now  this is extremely unusual because I don't really have to use hair spray usually when I curl my hair and it still hold all night and most of the next day. And I use a high quality wand (a.k.a expensive). At first I was like what is going on with my hair! But then I was looking at my wand and I saw that the light that is supposed to be on all the time would turn on and off when I moved the wand. It wasn't ever heating all the way up because there was a short in the cord. After trying to fix it was electrical tap and some prayer I realized I needed another one. I curl my hair way more than I straighten it so it was a necessity. 

After researching buying another of the same brand I realized as bad as I wanted one and as great a wand as it was it just wasn't in my budget. So I decided to get a Kristin Ess one. I had used the shampoo and conditioner and it was great so I figure their hair tools were good too. 

I bought the Kristen Ess Soft Wave Pivoting Wand Curling Iron. The handle actually pivots so your arm doesn't get too tired while curling! And I love it! It makes my hair so shiny and the curls hold really well! It has 3 heat settings up to 425 degrees and it turns its self off after 30 min! That feature is especially great because the amount of times I have had to turn around and go back to the house to make sure I unplugged something are too many to count! The pivoting thing does take a little getting used to but it really does help with my arm getting tired!

It was only $60 and my old one that broke was almost $90!

So definitely go check them out at Target or online at I am obsessed with this brand right now! Click here to shop now!