Girl, Wash Your Face and Read This Book!

Most of y’all know that I love to read. Recently, I have been reading a lot of business books because of the store but I was driving home the other day and was listening to a podcast I found with Rachel Hollis. It was an interesting and engaging podcast but I was still skeptical about her book (Girl, Wash Your Face) because I had heard some mixed reviews about it. After hearing her talk about it on the podcast I decided to give it a try. I decided to use a credit from my Audible subscription to get it and listen to it. That way at least if I decided I didn’t like it I could send it back. (Side note: Highly recommend Audible! I listen to it while driving long distances by myself because it keeps me engaged in the content unlike music that kinda makes me want to go to sleep after a while.)

I started listening to it and it was narrated by Rachel herself. I was immediately interested. Some of the things she talks about in her life a directly related to things that have happened in my life, some are super related, like for example I am not a mom nor have I tried to adopt a child, but the feelings and emotions that she dealt with in her life can be relatable to the feelings that I have had recently.

Since graduation from college, my friends have slowly moved away or moved back home for jobs. I, however, am still in my college town with my fiancé waiting for him to graduate all while trying to run an online business and work a waitressing job. Some days there just are not enough hours in the day, and some days there are but I barely want to get out of bed, and in the middle of all that I still feel like I haven clue what I am doing running an online boutique. I have learned so much and read some many books and articles but sometimes ( a lot of the time it is overwhelming) but I love it. I love running the store more than I have ever loved doing something in my whole like but sometimes I still feel like I am drowning in it. Rachel’s book talks a lot about seasons of life. I know that this is just a season of my life. The store is going to grow and change as well as the rest of life. We won’t be in Statesboro for ever just for this season.

I guess this book was more of a comfort knowing that others at 20-something also felt the same as I do. She also explains that she has had those struggles throughout her life but has learned much better ways to deal with them (i.e. stress eating). If you have not sat in your bed and ate an entire bag of Famous Amos cookies (or what ever your snack is) while binge watching Netflix’s latest sappy original movie, while you should’ve been doing a million other things then please tell me how you handle your stress because I will gladly take pointers. By the time I finished this book (which in Audible took 7 hours to listen to, I listen about 2 hours everyday. While I showered and got ready in the mornings etc.) I was so much calmer about life in general.

I am still stressed at times, and I definitely still eat a good amount of cookies while watching Game of Thrones with the soon to be Hubs every Sunday night, but I don’t think about life as being stressful all the time or thinking that I have to constantly be working on something. I also am not saying it cured me totally of all my anxieties (not a miracle worker by any means) but it put a better perspective on them for sure! So, 10/10 would recommend!  I am planning to read her second book called Girl, Stop Apologizing!