Dupe Louis Vuitton Never-full Bag!

Ya'll I have wanted one of the Louis Vuitton Never-full bags since the first time I saw one! Now my bank account on the other hand has never wanted one! So, I have looked and looked for something similar that is just as timeless and stylish as that bag but there just isn't something that I have found that measures up. I have also been looking for fake ones. Which I kinda have mixed feelings about because I hate that there are people out there making money off of replicas of a huge brand's design. But at the same time I'm like "oh, shoot, I can get this and it looks real for $50 take my money." I finally found a fake that was sold from a vendor on Amazon that I have ordered from before so I at least knew they would actually send my what I ordered. I was still on the fence about ordering it and was still looking around. The one I was looking at had the LV logo on it yet it was still like $50. (I'll link the fake one that I found here.

I told a friend at work that I was dying to have one of those bags and she told me to check out Daisy Rose. A company on Amazon that is a verified Amazon vendor that sells Never-Full style bags with the checkered pattern on them in the white and grey and brown and black. It doesn't have the LV Logo so its not technically a knock off but the design is close. It's also $50! Thats that one I decided to order. Mainly because I was able to see proof of the company because they have their own website and an instagram. I didn't make me feel like I was buying from some on the down low manufacture. 

I literally love it! It is great quality and its vegan leather and the inside is even red. I'll link that bag here. 

So, if you are in love with the Never-Full LV bag like I am and your budget, like mine, is not in love with the idea of buying one, you can get one that is very similar until you can get you the real thing! 

Both of them I talked about are linked here and here (Daisy Rose). 


Keep looking out for my next post about my new fave sunless tanner! I'll link it here so ya'll can go ahead a check it out!




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