Amazon Fashion Find

I really like the way designer things look! My bank account does not like designer things no matter how nice they look. Especially, big spending on things I can’t really justify whether cost so much! For example, a hand made designer leather bag that takes hours of work by one person to produce just one, okay I can see why that is expensive. I want one of the Gucci Belts so bad but I just couldn’t justify paying almost $500 for a small leather belt. One that I probably only wear once in a while and for sure not everyday.

So, one day I was scrolling through Instagram and I noticed that one of the influencers I follow had  tagged Amazon in her picture wearing that belt! So I went straight over to her Like to Know account where she had linked it! And there it was that belt for like $20! Of course, it’s obviously a knock off but to me you can’t really tell!

Since I found that belt on Amazon I have gotten addicted to finding Luxury Brand knock offs on Amazon! Don’t get me wrong I would love to have the real thing one day but its a lot of fun searching for deals! So, incase y’all want to check it out here’s the link to the belt that I bought! And this is a cute outfit picture wearing the “Gucci” belt!

I have found so many other great things on Amazon recently! I'm thinking of making this a series on the blog! 

(** If the link to this belt disappears on Amazon just search 'Gucci Belt" and one should come up. I would, however, only order the ones that are Prime eligible or fulfilled by Amazon just to be on the safe side.**)