All About My Pup

So I thought I would talk a little bit about my best friend! His name is Chapman and he is a 75 pound rescue pup! He has an Instagram and he would love a follow. His username is @chapman_brown and he’s very photogenic. He is also a brand rep for Friendship Collar so he has his own code that gives his follower 15% off their purchase!

He is very cute and lovable now but he has come a long way since the shelter. I went looking for a small dog while I was in college. I just wanted a companion while I was going through (at the time) nursing school. I was so stressed all the time and I felt like a puppy was a great way to curb the anxiety I was feeling. I found a cute little one year old Jack Russel, that looked like he had a little mustache, on the local shelter’s facebook page. I went to see him and someone had already adopted him! They asked if they could show us (me and my now fiancé) another dog that we might be interested in.

It was this tiny little puppy, that was literally skin and bone, but he was soooo happy to see us. I picked him up and and I decided then and there when he put his little head on my shoulder that he had to be mine! Problem: My parents were not totally on bored with the whole getting a dog thing, let alone a puppy.

So, I sent these pictures to my mom:


Of course she was like get him! But another problem came up! I had to have written consent from my apartment to be able to adopt him and I had no where to put him! Nothing like no kennel no dog bed, nothing! And it was 4:00 p.m. on a Friday. Our shelter stops all adoptions after 4:30 oh and did I mention it was also a holiday weekend so I wouldn’t be able to go back and get him until the following Tuesday!

The thought of this tiny puppy spending the while weekend in puppy jail all alone literally broke my heart! I cried all the way home! I was so upset that my Dad ended up calling an animal control officer that he knew to make sure he wouldn’t be all alone!

Thankfully, one of the girls that worked in the office took him home for the weekend to stay with her. And Tuesday, morning I went as soon as they opened to go get him! They bathed him and brought him out to me wrapped in this cute little blanket and off we went to his new home!


After getting him home I began to read through all of his paperwork! This puppy was only 3 months old and they found him covered in fleas and ticks. The report said they pulled more than 200 ticks off of him and didn’t even expect him to live! I’m reading all this while he is sleeping like he has never slept this safe and sound in his whole life in my lap! I just knew I was going to make sure this dog felt safe for the rest of his life! And now Chappie is mine and my fiancé’s best friend! I could not image life without him!


Seriously, adopt don’t shop! Shelter dogs make the best friends you will ever have!